"I was able to team up with the lovely Amanda once again. She is a great soul who is the most excellent life coach. I always enjoy working with her and feel a great connection with her. She is empowering and positive in every aspect of her coaching. I always look forward to working with her. Great job Amanda!"
-Cherrie Kelly
"Amanda opened up a very relaxed and supportive space right away. She expressed appreciation for my efforts and willingness to share some of my vulnerabilities. She made me feel important and deserving of the positive changes I would like to make. She was very good at picking out the valuable nuggets within all my chatter and holding the conversation together in a structured way."
-Diana N. Georgiou
"Amanda makes you feel extremely comfortable and has a laid back demeanor. She's engaging and friendly and in general interested in creating a bond with her client."
-Antoinette Jordan
"During the hardest time of my life, Amanda was there for me! Amanda was brutally honest with me and helped me see the things that I just wasn't willing to see on my own. It wasn't pleasant and it wasn't fun but it was all for the best. At the time, it was frustrating, and you want to quit! But Amanda didn't quit on me, so I didn't quit either, and for that, I am in a much better place now! It's still a work in progress but a better place."
-Jeremy Ball